August? AuGUST!

by Rheasq

First week of August. Temps have dropped into the 60s and 70s, night time 50s. August? AuGUST! I love this. We may yet be hit with high temps and humidity, but I prefer to think not.

As I walk around my acre, it is incredible to me 98% of this came from inside my head. 17 years of trial and error. Planning, scuttling of plans, chaos and nature whittling away at planning. Loving the happy accidents, learning to bend and not break. Giving the thugs and the interlopers their day and then moving in for the kill.

Feeling the ebb of the seven years of riptide. Finally, it seems the flailing and treading of water are bringing me within sight of land. Two of three musical goals in the bag. Number three in the crosshairs? Finding my gardening stride, trying to move it forward, professionally.

Feeling this dome of peace and me-ness. So attuned to this space had I been proffered the apple, my response, ‘sorry bro, on a high protein diet.’ Don’t want this hearts bubble to burst.

So I look ahead to the future….here is the dreaded street side bed at two years.  Populated on the cheap, refugees from the other parts of the garden.  I relish the wildlife, wild LIFE, that moves through its AUGUST situation. Bees, wasps, butterflies, beetles, hummingbirds, farm cats, birds. Me. Neighbors noticing and I get to preach on sustainability, organics, let live, don’t stress, join the party.

AUGUST. Loving it….Living it…….preaching the word.  Eden….live… August.

Blank slate


So it begins, the first autumn


Now, two years later