Unchained Melody

by Rheasq

In the past ten years, I’ve done a little wiring (more like re-wiring), some plumbing, a little drywall, hung gutters and cabinets, etc etc. In some ways I was blessed in having a partner who was handy, so I was an attuned audience member.

I get asked a lot, especially by women, how I learned to do these things. My answer is always this: the best way to learn to do, is undo.

Sitting this morning with my coffee, in the unseasonable 60 degree morning, I’m listening to the wind chastise the trees, the house, the chimes. I have been stuck. There are things I want to do, creative areas I want to explore but I am having trouble with the “do”. I’ve been a little lost, more do-less, than doing.

My psyche, soul, energy seems wrapped up, tied up, tightened in on me. This morning, I remember my own advice. The best way to “do” is “undo”. Visualize the loosing of the bonds, unweaving of the shreds of plastic, unknotting the little golden chains that have been inhibiting movement. This will take time, but I like the optics and the idea of being the one loosening my own bonds.

Rhea, unchained.